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We need to make our highways safer

Jul 07, 2023Jul 07, 2023

A Reedsburg girl was recently killed while preparing to board a school bus on Highway 33 by a pickup truck that was swerving to avoid the bus. What can be done to protect our students better?

The National Transportation Safety Board on Monday said it was helping the Sauk County Sheriff's Office with its investigation.

I see it every day with drivers distracted by phones and not paying attention to what they are doing. Too often they have no reaction time if something goes wrong.

We live on Highway 33 and have seen how the traffic has increased along with speeding and passing. Many pass in the proper passing zones but far too many are passing in no passing zones. We need better patrolling, not just on Highway 33 but throughout the state.

Sauk County will be having a highway safety meeting on July 27 and we would appreciate your comments and recommendations before then.

Jack Meegan, Baraboo

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