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MTU gets support from Pratt & Whitney to develop the WET engine

May 25, 2023May 25, 2023

We already knew this from the EASA MAX RTS AD from 2 years ago, but Dominic Gates is now spelling it out for the doubters:

"If Congress doesn't mandate Boeing 737 MAX safety retrofits, Europe will"

"Even if Congress doesn't force U.S. airlines to retrofit two new safety upgrades in their Boeing 737 MAX fleets, Europe's aviation regulator intends to ensure those enhancements are mandated for carriers there."

"EASA's head of communications Janet Northcote said via email Friday that "Boeing has committed to make these upgrades available for retrofit."

""The actual retrofit of the in-service fleet can be achieved by different means, including possibly mandatory action from the FAA or EASA," Northcote added."

"To get the MAX back in service in Europe, Boeing agreed with EASA to develop two major safety upgrades for the MAX 10 — the final and largest MAX variant — that within a few years afterward would be retrofitted to the in-service fleet of MAX 8 and MAX 9 airplanes."

"The first upgrade is a third measure of the jet's angle of attack — the angle between the wing and the oncoming air stream — a key data point that feeds into various flight control systems."

"The second retrofit requirement is for a switch that would enable the pilot to silence an erroneous "stick shaker" — a stall warning that vigorously vibrates the pilot's control column."

"When faced with the prospect of more stringent safety rules applying to European airlines than to U.S. carriers, either Congress or the FAA might be embarrassed into mandating the retrofits."