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JohnDow's EuroVent Heavy

Jun 02, 2023Jun 02, 2023

EuroVent Vehicle Exhaust Extraction has announced the addition to itsproduct line of the Heavy-Duty Motorized Hose Reel System (CAR-8HD).

These customized exhaust extraction systems have been developed for use with:

These systems are fixed motorized overhead hose reels. A properlydesigned and installed system will reduce energy consumption and airloss with a guaranteed removal of harmful exhaust fumes from largercommercial vehicles.

Every EuroVent exhaust system is customized to each facility andits unique specifications. Experienced engineers will design aheavy-duty extraction system that meets a facility's specificrequirements, budget and timetable. EuroVent designs systems for bothnew facilities and renovations.

Other features include:

EuroVent produces state-of-the-art, cost-effective solutions forremoving toxic exhaust fumes for new and existing heavy-duty vehiclerepair facilities. Each system is custom designed for vehicle type,building design and cost parameters. Only EV is approved by all majorvehicle manufactures in North America.

EuroVent Systems are available in four types.

1. Overhead Rail is a euro-style designincorporating an extruded aluminum exhaust rail and sliding ventilationcrab. EV is the original overhead rail supplier in North America.

2. Overhead Telescopingis the most economical answer for overhead exhaust removal.

3.Overhead Fixed Hose Recoil Style Reelscan be mounted on a wall, ceiling or beam providing great flexibility.

4. Underground Disappearingsystems feature the exhaust hose pulled up through a door port in the floor and returned when the service work is completed.

For additional information, visit JohnDow, EuroVent.

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