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Car expert's £2 trick to lift 'corrosive' bird droppings without damaging paintwork

Jun 07, 2023Jun 07, 2023

A car expert has said bird droppings can cost you up to £210 if not cleaned from your vehicle quickly - but there's a £2 solution that makes them easy to wipe away

If you own a car, you'll know the pain of having left your vehicle parked under a tree only to find that when you come back, it's covered in bird droppings.

But did you know that bird poo can actually cause hundreds of pounds worth of damage to your car if you leave it sitting there for too long before you clean it?

Bird droppings are extremely acidic and corrosive, which means they can burn the paint on a car's exterior and damage the body of your vehicle when left for too long. The substance is also sticky and can bond to the clear coating on your car's paintwork, making it even harder to remove.

According to car experts at Your Red Car, this can end up costing you a lot of money, with the average cost to repair a chip in your paintwork ranging from £60 all the way up to £210.

However, there is an easy hack you can do to remove bird droppings without damaging your paintwork.

Experts claim that a simple damp cloth could do the trick if you get to the droppings early enough, but if they won't budge, you can try using a car shampoo such as Halfords Car Wash, which costs £2 for a 500ml bottle.

And if that still doesn't do the trick, experts suggest using WD-40 spray, as they explained: "This highly effective spray will penetrate the droppings making them easy to wipe away. To complete the process, car shampoo and a cloth will be needed to remove the remaining residue."

Halfords sell a 100ml aerosol can of WD-40 for just £2.50, while Poundshop prices theirs at £1.50.

This means that you could clean your car from corrosive bird droppings for just £2 if the car shampoo is enough on its own, and even if you need to add in the WD-40 step, you'll still be spending a maximum of £4.50 - saving you at least £55.50 compared to having to spend £60 on getting your paintwork fixed.

Denton Brock, head of Your Red Car, said: "Regularly cleaning a vehicle is vital for a number of reasons. Firstly, it helps to maintain the appearance of a vehicle and prevent the build-up of dirt, grime, and other debris that can damage the paintwork over time.

"Regular cleans will also help to prevent the build-up of harmful substances like tree sap, bug residue, and road salt, which can cause permanent damage if left unchecked. In a worst-case scenario, you could end up with a hefty bill for a professional service treatment, so it's vital to wipe these clean as soon as you spot them.

"Ultimately this will help to maintain the value of a car by avoiding the build-up of rust and other corrosive materials that can cause structural damage. Having a clean vehicle improves safety by ensuring that windows, mirrors, and headlights are clean and free from obstruction. Cleaning is an essential part of car maintenance that can help to extend the life of a vehicle and keep it looking and running its best."

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