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Nottingham pensioner 'trapped' in city flat as lift 'breaks again' on hot day

Mar 14, 2023Mar 14, 2023

She said this is a 'common occurrence'

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A pensioner living on the eleventh floor of a city centre building has told of her frustration after the lift "broke again" on a hot summer's day. Yvonne Cunnane, a retired resident at the Litmus Building on Huntingdon street, said she is "trapped" in her room as the lift stopped working on Sunday, June 4.

She claims that this is a "common occurrence". The 74-year-old added that she finds the situation "distressing" and she wants something to be done.

Most recently, Ms Cunnane said the lift ceased working on Sunday, June 4, when in Nottingham temperatures reaches 19 degrees Celsius with a sunny sky overhead. "It spoilt a day with my grandchildren.

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"I should have spent the day out with my grandchildren - not trapped in my flat." On the same day, her husband, who is aged 71, had to walk down 11 flights of stairs to his taxi.

"It is a common occurrence, she added. "The lift is often broken.

"If it breaks on a weekend, it will be on Monday when they repair it. It is not doing my social life any good."

Ms Cunnane has lived at the property since February, adding: "It's a great place to live and the flats are beautifully appointed. Unfortunately the lifts are frequently out of order."

She recalled how one time she chose to spend the night at her son's place instead after returning from a holiday: "I am lucky really because I have my son. The lift was broken then as well."

A spokesperson for RMG, who are managing the property, said: "In respect of the lift, we sympathise with our customers when the lift breaks, especially those with restricted mobility. We are pleased to confirm that the lift is currently operational.

"We would encourage anyone who feels they need specific assistance to provide their details to RMG as a matter of urgency. We will then ensure that these are stored centrally for use in the event of an emergency.

"We would encourage all residents to continue to engage with our 24/7 Customer Service Centre on all matters."


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