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Ride the lift and cruise down on two wheels. Resorts are open for summer biking season

Jan 05, 2024Jan 05, 2024

Featured Image: Courtesy Aspen Snowmass

At FREESKIER, we crave quality time with the mountains. Whether that be in deep powder or on dirt, it's all the same. There really is no "off-season" for folks like us. And we’re frothing at the mouth just thinking about being on two wheels. If you relate, you’re already well aware that MTB season is upon us. Here's where you’ll catch us ripping laps this summer:

Angel Fire just has that je no sais quoi quality to it, but if we haaaad to describe it, we’d call it bitchin’. With a summit of over 10,000 ft, Angel Fire Bike Park is of the best in the Southwest. But don't worry, you won't have to pedal up that far. Hop in a gondola and ride down 35+ miles of pure adrenaline.

Open Date: May 19, 2023Fave Trail: Candy Land – Note, it's closed after the 3rd table.

Aspen Snowmass is known for being one of the top MTB spots in the Mountain West. Beware the bike park and its legendary status, the near-vertical advanced trails are not for the faint of heart. Catch your breath and get ready to go big at Snowmass.

Open Date: June 21, 2023Fave Trail: Deadline Trail – For lovers of banked turns and tabletop jumps.

Big Sky‘s single tracks are an absolute fan favorite. Not only are the trails riddled with fun hits, but you can't beat the killer mountain views. August 4-6, grab your bike for the final stop of the Big Mountain Enduro Series, where racers will face off across a two-day event.

Open Date: June 10, 2023Fave Trail: Revenge – We’re talking steep and loamy, baby.

Breckenridge is the epitome of wide open spaces. With over 800 scenic miles to ride on, you won't get bored in a place like Breck. When you’re ready for a breather, hit the newly opened Dawg Haus Biergarten on Peak 7 for well-deserved hotdogs and brewskis.

Open Date: June 30, 2023Fave Trail: Colorado Trail – The best place to choose your own adventure.

The bike park a la Jackson Hole has trails for the novice in your group to the hardcore biker. Compared to other Mountain West resorts, Jackson Hole is on the less-crowded side, giving you more space to breathe. You don't have to worry about eating the dust of the dude in front of you.

Open Date: June 10, 2023Fave Trail: Dirty Hairy – Experts only.

Mt Bachelor is a well-seasoned bikers’ paradise. Featuring tough, rocky terrain, this locale has insanely fun natural features, great for perfecting your skills. While relatively new to the MTB gang, this resort is well worth the visit. Not too far from downtown Bend, it's easy to reach and surrounded by good eats (and, more importantly, good beer).

Open Date: Little Pine – June 10, 2023, Pine Marten – July 1, 2023Fave Trail: Hot Dust – A singletrack trail you’ll fly down in under a minute.

It wouldn't be right to talk mountain biking without mentioning Vail, where downhill cruising is a staple. At the top of the Eagle Bahn gondola, 343 miles of trails await. Come June 14 and July 28, the 2023 Mountain Bike Town Series returns for its 40th year.

Open Date: June 16, 2023Fave Trail: Grand Traverse – A classic. If it ain't broke, don't fix it!

While parts of Whistler Blackcomb are under construction this summer as the Fitzsimmons chair gets a facelift, there's still plenty to enjoy within the resort's bounds. You could stay for a solid week before being ready to hang up your wheels. Join Whistler on June 17 for XFONDO, an all-terrain bike race that ends with a tall glass of beer.

Open Date: June 10, 2023Fave Trail: Insomnia – 2 km of pristinely groomed dirt.

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